Name: Plouutos
Gender: Male
Element: Disturbed
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Powers: Soul-reading,  Pain Thrive, Crazed Aura, Pain Empathy.
Notes: As a Disturbed Kat he's driven by the pleasure of pain, always seeking out to cause pain to himself or others. He doesn't experience pain like others do; for a Disturbed Kat, pain is pleasure. Like all of his Element he has a body that is stitched together, some of his fur is his own, but most of it has been stripped off other creatures and stitched back on to his body. Disturbed Kats have a Crazed Aura that causes them to rip off their own fur when they're younger, leading to a disturbing adolescence where they're mostly a bloody mess of torn up flesh and stitches.  When they reach adulthood this Crazed Aura no longer affects them, but it remains dormant around them - waiting to be triggered again.

He has no eyes - they've long since been ripped out and stitched over. Though blind he's able to use his telepathy and other senses to see. He has metal bolts in his body, shoved deep into the flesh and worn like adornments. He's missing his left leg, and has a stump of silver pressed into the stump.