Name: Quartz
Gender: Male
Element: Star
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Powers: Soul-reading, Light Manipulation & Control, Instant Healing,Teleportation (flash of bright light), Perfect Nightvision, Super Nova, Energy Siphon.
Notes: A Whisper of Rekura, he was born under the Eclipse, and taken away to a planet called Arkuras. He was raised surrounded by tech, and other WoRs.

His Elemental Mutation has many sides to it. Visible in the more pale-hued blue of his coat, that glistens with star light in the dark, and with the blue starscape that trails after him as he moves. It's also visible in the long light-tendrils that grow from his back, and tail. The light-tendrils are always glowing brightly, but even though they look harmless - they're sharp as blades, and can cut easily. The blue starscape creates a temporary shift in matter around him when he moves. Visibly striking, but relatively harmless. Those that are touch by the trail, before it curls and fades, will only feel a touch of cold.

He can create and manipulate light at will, and can teleport at will. When he's angry, upset, or otherwise compromised, his body will begin to glow. It will start subtly, then quickly turn into a blinding light. If he's not calmed down the light will continue to grow, until it's released in an explosive force of light - that will incinerate anything that's near him at the time.

Having grown up on Arkuras, they were given a Sensor to act as a companion and guide during their stay. Each Sensor is bonded to only one individual, so it will only respond or interact with it's bonded. While it can talk, Sensors are not really alive. They have the illusion of personality, but aren't capable of making their own decisions. They have a mission, and they follow it to completion. In the case of the WoRs, they were tasked with watching over them and helping them to survive. Sensors are invulnerable to outside harm - meaning, only their bonded can hurt them.

In order to survive a world that didn't have food, each WoR was fitted with a Siphon. An amulet placed on the back of the shoulders/spine, with a trail of visible energy. It worked by absorbing nearby energies and infusing the WoR with them. They'll never need to eat or drink, as long as they're around living things or places of power (like The Towers were). Eating food would have no benefit, and might lead the WoR to feeling sick.

Siphons should not be removed. They're attached to the spine's nervous system, so removing them would paralyze and potentially kill a WoR.

History: Quartz liked to push others out of their comfort zone. It was hobby that started when he was a cub, when he'd push the other WoRs to use their powers and mutations in different ways. He liked watching them squirm when they realized how much - or how little - power they really had.

As a Space Element, he felt a particular kinship with Citrine and Maize. Often he'd find himself in their company, even when he didn't seek them out. There was something soothing about Citrine's sunny light, and the way Maize would bitterly comment on everyone and everything. Even when Citrine no longer spent time around Maize, Quartz would still find himself spending an equal amount of time around both of them. Something in the stars, he guessed, kept them gravitating together.

A little over a year after arriving on Arkuras, things started to turn a bit dark around the edges. Arkuras wasn't as safe as it first appeared to be - oh, sure, Luuntao had warned them about the Swarm - but it wasn't the world he had to keep an eye out for. There were killers among them. Other WoRs that had wound up dead under mysterious circumstances, or shortly after having gotten into arguments with others of their merry band.

Quartz was upset when Chokos, a Chime Kat, was counted among the unfortunate casualties of their disagreements. She'd always used to sing to the WoRs, and he'd liked her songs. Once she was gone, things started to fall apart a bit more quickly. More deaths. More distrusting stewing between cliques.

He was even growing among that number of distrustful sorts, as he started to wonder if maybe Citrine or Maize were capable of murder too.

Thankfully, before any others died, or he slipped and killed anyone, their time on Arkuras came to an end.

IriKan Info
Morality: Neutral
Notes: The Siphon prevents the IriKan from being able to take physical form. It exists as a presence in the WoR's mind/soul, and can communicate freely with their bonded WoR. They can, at times of great peril or when emotions are running high, temporarily possess the Sensor that is bonded to their WoR - allowing for them to interact with the world and speak to others outside their bondmate.