Name: Rava
Gender: Female
Element: Punished
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Mate: Daeluur
Pride: Wicked Hearts
Powers: Soul-reading, Perfect Nightvision, Aura Vision (Dark-Aura/Dark Intentions Only), Teleportation, Sin Aura. 
Notes: Like all Punished Kats, she both suffers from a punishment and a Sin Aura. A Sin Aura causes those who remain close to her for too long to begin to be corrupted, to give into their darker desires. Too much exposure to her Aura can give her control over an individual, allowing her to plant suggestions in their mind to push them to murderous or dark actions. The power of her control over them depends on how long they've been in her presence, and how deep the Sin Aura has affected them.  

Her Aura Vision only allows her to see the dark aspects of an Aura, so those individuals with a pure Aura will not have a visible Aura for her to see. 

Her punishment shows up in the form of a twofold curse. One is the doll-like creature that is always with her, though it appears inanimate and like a doll, it is very much alive. It's missing part of the back of it's head, and from this open wound blood is always slowly trickling out. It cannot move or speak on it's own, but there's something sinister about it's own aura. If left unattended or unnoticed the doll will seemingly vanish of it's accord, and then reappear later as if it's never left. If strange events occur while it's missing, or if wounds appear without a visible attacker, well, no one can really blame a doll.

The second form shows up only when the doll is missing. Bone jaws will appears out of nowhere and bite into her flesh, usually vanishing after the damage has been received, but sometimes the jaws remain behind as a lingering promise. 

Her wings can shift and change form, sometimes by her own control, other times on their own, as they're made of shadowy-essence and not flesh.