Name: Saraswati
Gender: Female
Element: Inter-Mix (Winter/Moonscythe - Winterscythe)
Dimension: Inner/Abyss
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Mate: Kuusanagi
Pride: Wayfaring Clans
Powers: Mage-reading, Instant Healing, Telekinesis (infinite), Cryomancy, Cold/Ice Immunity, Ice Blood (blood is made of ice, and any wounds freeze-over and instantly heal within seconds), immunity to psychic alterations/manipulations.
Notes: Born to an Inter-Mix pairing between a Winter Mother and a Moonscythe Father. She grew up hearing very little of her Father's home Dimension, the Moonscythes being more of a mystery to her than they rightfully should be with her blood-connection to that Clan. Her Father told her only the bare minimum, and eventually revealed to her that he hadn't known that much about the Abyss Dimensional Clan himself, as both of his own parents had lived in the Inner Dimension since long before his own birth. Beyond their ability to control all forms of cold/ice, and their affinity for a specific type of weapon, he couldn't tell her much. So that side of her bloodline was left shrouded in mystery.

The blue silk that she wears is made of an invulnerable material; it cannot burn, be torn, or suffer any kind of damage. And because of this trait it not only acts as a beautiful decoration, it can also be used as a shield against harm.

When she was a teen she happened across a young Dyja'siin Demon, one which was so new to the living world that it accidentally created a Blood-contract with her when it bit her just above her left paw (where a marking now resides). It has been bound to her ever since, rarely ever leaving her side.

She is Shadow-Marked, but has never seen the Great Evil herself. It was genetically passed on to her as her Mother had Shadow-Marks.

Demon Information
Species: Dyja'siin
Legion: Kajshi Muun
Bonded: Saraswati
Notes: Dyja'siin are genderless, but when they speak their voices have a more feminine edge to them. They are just slightly smaller than the size of a Dwarf Element, and their faces are nothing more than masks that are marked with the final symbol of the demon-seals that mark their bodies. Technically they are Aggressor Demons, but like many of their size, dyja'siin are bound to blood-contracts they must honour. So when they are bonded to someone, they come to view that individual as their master and the only one that can control their natures/give them a purpose. They are immune to any and all powers that may be used against them, but the cost for this immunity means that a dyja'siin can only cause physical damage to others. Their clawed limbs allow for them to cause a great deal of physical injury, and their claws are tainted in such a way that any injury they claw into someone will not healed by their own natural healing factors (so even someone with regenerative healing could not heal from an injury given to them by a dyja'siin, and would need someone else to heal them).  

Dyja'siin are able to teleport at will, and can senses the Auras/Morality of others near them. As this one is bound by blood-contract to the female Winter/Moonscythe mix, it can never cause her harm of any kind and will always seek to protect her from harm of any kind.