Name: Shura
Gender: Female
Element: Mix (Bone/Macabre)
Dimension: Inner
Former Leader: Vy-Ceil
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Powers: Mage-reading, Endless Blood Supply (cannot bleed to death), Bone Manipulation (can manipulate/destroy bones in self and others), Bone Armour (bone rapidly spreads across body), Dark Empathy (can sense and alter the dark emotions in others), Poisonous Bite (leads to infection, hallucinations, and eventually death within two hours), Shadow Teleportation. Immune to bone manipulation abilities/powers, and blood manipulation abilities/powers have little affect on her. Blood has a slight sand-ish texture to it, and she has a mild allergy to silver.
Notes: Born under the Eclipse and taken to Venasar'a, she was trained since cubhood to be a killing machine by Vy-ceil. Already naturally inclined to dark tendencies from her parent's Elements, she was a natural for causing pain and horrors to others and enjoying it. When it came to the game she took great pleasure in the thrill of it, and enjoyed those moments when she could hunt those of Nsarh's team and mark them for death.

Her Elemental Mutation causes bone to grow and form over her flesh, as well as to grow and form in the gaping wound that runs along the entirety of her back. The bones that form in her back sometimes fall out or break off, but it doesn't affect her actual skeletal frame at all. Bone plates grow over her face, and the bone claws of her paws can be elongated to sharpened deadly points.

If the bone plates on her face are broken they just regenerate, and the black marks on them always grow back the same. 

Her back and permanent wounds are always bleeding excessively, but she never has to worry about dying from bloodloss. Like a pure Macabre Kat, she lives off the dark thoughts and intentions of those around her. This can make it hard to kill her, as short of obliterating her body she can keep coming back after suffering a mortal wound.

IriKan Info
Gender: Female
Power:  Deadly Touch (kills with just a touch of it's spikes), Venomous Aura (enemies that get too close feel sick/disoriented),  Shadow Copies (can create dozens of false copies of itself, but only the real IriKan can cause damage).
Notes: Has the appearance of a spiked scorpion. Her size and power level shift depending on the emotion of her bonded -- when strong emotions like sadness, or rage, are felt an IriKan can become larger than their Raveen counterpart. An IriKan can only be wounded by other IriKan, but they can fall prematurely in battle if their bonded is taken down for the count.