Name: Sluuagh
Gender: Male
Element: Mix (Spirit/Halloween)
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Powers: Mage-reading, Nightmare Terramancy, Thrall, Ghostly Form (can shift from corporeal to incorporeal at will), Shadow Teleportation (can teleport to/from shadows), Sin Aura, Levitation.
Notes: Born in the wilds of the Unclaimed Territories, he grew up surrounded almost entirely by Halloween Elements and their brethren. While the territories were dangerous, there wasn't many dangers that would cross into areas that were filled with Raveens of such malicious Elements. It's a somewhat sheltered life for the darker Elements, as they grow up only knowing the sinister traits of one another, and not knowing the nature of others beyond their groups.

He has a Sin Aura that causes the darker side of others to slowly come closer and closer to the surface the more they hang around him. After prolonged exposure to his presence, the Sin Aura can cause their personalities to begin shifting completely.

Nightmare Terramancy allows him to alter the terrain around himself, infusing it with a Fear Aura and causing plants/dirt/rocks to melt and shift into nightmarish aberrations. The land darkens to almost black, and the Fear Aura causes those in the area to feel a growing fear in themselves - one that can cause an individual to go mad if they stay in the area too long. His changes to the terrain only last for as long as he's in an area. Once he leaves, the terrain melts back into it's former state and the Fear Aura dissolves away.

The pumpkins he wears like armour are plants he twisted with his Nightmare Terramancy.

He is missing his right eye. He was in a physical alteration with an Aggressor Demon that struck him when he passed unknowingly into its territory. It left visible scars on his face, and actually struck his eye from its socket.