Name: Sunyata
Gender: Female
Element: Void
Dimension: Void
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Powers: Mage-reading, Regeneration, Instant Healing, Infinite Telekinesis, Teleportation, Mirror Image, Void Aura, Void Claws, Heart of the Void.
Notes: She has a mutation that causes her to be roughly teen-sized, even though she's fully grown. Like all those of the Void Element, she is made of a mass of red and black space energy that is referred to as Void Essence. She has no need to eat, drink, or even breathe. Any wounds she receives will heal so quickly it will be as if she were never injured in the first place (the wound heals as it's received).

Her Void Aura causes incorporeal energies to distort and shift into nothingness if it comes into contact with her. Spirits and lingering dead are subjected to this Aura, and if any creature has the ability to phase out of the corporeal world they'll die upon contact with her if they use it.

As a Void she always carries with her the Heart of the Void - a lingering Dimensional rage so strong that when she's angered or feeling intense anguish she can cause areas around her to collapse into nothingness. It's uncontrollable, as the Void itself seems to reach out to Void Kats when they're feeling such strong emotions.

Her claws have the power to cause great damage; each swipe of her claws can leave blackhole-like scars on enemies that force the wounds to grow and eat away at their target.

She's from the Void, and of the Void. Warriors of the Void know the nature of their own Dimension, and refuse to cling to false lies. The Void is not weak, and the Void will grow to glory. The alliance with the Inner Dimension is a temporary one, and one day it will cease to be, as all things eventually do - save the Void.