Name: Syuukel
Gender: Male
Element: Serenity
Dimension: Wish
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Mate: Ihanaga
Pride: Creation's Legacy
Powers: Soul-reading, Instant Healing, Teleportation (at will), Phoenix Summon, Divine Armour.
Notes: Born in the wilds of the Wish Dimension, he grew up in the mythical world of wishes. To outsiders such a world might look like a utopia of dreams, a brilliant and otherworldly escape from the norm. But the Wish Dimension is a place of danger, where the power of wishes can make things real. And not all who make wishes are good, and not all wishes that come true are a blessing. Those born of the Wish Dimension grow up aware of the dangers, listening to stories of the tricksters and wishes that can unmake anyone; they know not to trust others unless trust has been earned, and even then, to keep one eye always open. The wrong words, the wrong promise, and one's world can come crashing down.

He learned from a young age to be wary of others, to not always take them at face value. He also learned that sometimes others needed protecting; that they weren't as knowledgeable about risks as he was. It became something of a hobby to look out for the weaker ones in his world, offering his services to protect them from danger when they were travelling through the Wish Dimension. Being in possession of Divine Armour and a burning sceptre, he himself didn't have much to fear.

His Divine Armour was something he won in a bet against a trickster. They had challenged him to answer a riddle, and he did. The trickster had been surprised, caught off-guard, thinking him an easy target. Baffled by his victory, he'd given the Serenity Kat the Divine Armour in exchange for silence on the matter. "You can't tell anyone I lost," the trickster said, magic infusing its words in a pact between them. "If you do, this armour will break."

Divine Armour protects him from harm from any source. The only thing that can hurt him is a Godblade.

His burning sceptre is a weapon that can be used to cause melee damage (the silver blades are extremely sharp), or it can summon Spirit Flames. These Spirit Flames can purify anything they burn, and can cause soul damage to those burned by them. These flames are only harmful to their intended target(s), and will not cause harm to allies.

As a Serenity Kat he always wears a mask, and he has three sets of wings embedded in his body that are actually Phoenixes. His Phoenixes are white, and they burn with the fury of life. They can heal the wounds of him and others, and can detach from his body at will. They tend to be "asleep" when they're only visible as wings, but can be awakened by the Serenity Kat's emotions.