Name: Vayuu Vatu
Gender: Male
Element: Mix (Light/Dark/Ash)
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Meian x Tuuka Veri Suukua
Birth Pride: Impetuous Blaze
Mate: Pammon
Powers: Soul-reading, Air manipulation/control.
Notes: When the Winds chose him, they imbued him with the power of the air element. It showed itself by messing with the air currents around his body, lifting him off the ground and allowing him to seemingly fly when he was younger. Once he was taken in by the Nameless One for training, the air currents stopped trying to fly off into the unknown with him. He was told at a very young age as the one responsible for the air focus, he was likely to always have his power within reach. Because air was needed for every living thing, it could be found most everywhere - he would not be without his gifts in most places. (Gifteds cannot create their elements, only manipulate them)

So she taught him how to control it in ways to increase his speed -- using the air currents to push his body into movements so fast no eye could follow them, to put such force behind his hits that one blow could fell an opponent, and to use the air to block attacks from others or put distance between a too-powerful enemy and himself. She even taught him how to pull the air away from individuals, to cut off their air supply so that they would fall unconscious from the it. But she cautioned him to be careful - for pulling airflow away from something that needed to breath requires a great deal of concentration, and it's also very dangerous. He should never use this power on someone he doesn't wish serious harm on, as there is always the possibility they can end up damaged.

Charm-Chime Notes: A Charm-Chime is unique to the wearer, and only holds power for the Gifted that receives it. Not only does it keep the power of the Winds of Nascence in check, it also has its own special ability. When moved, by the wind or intentionally, a Charm-Chime releases a calming melody that can soothe even the most rage-filled of hearts. It eases the hunger of any emotions, and lulls those who hear its melody into a more content state of mind.