Name: Veesaris
Gender: Female
Element: Astral
Dimension: Mystic
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Mate: Lotheriuun
Powers: Mage-reading, Silence Aura, Psychic Block Aura, Aura Sight, True Sight, Perfect Nightvision, Teleportation, Arrow Summon, Advanced Senses, Advanced Agility, Terramancy, Shadow Control/Manipulation.
Notes: She can alter the sounds around herself to such an extent she can negate any sounds she makes - making her invisible to the sense of sound, and those listening. She can also block herself from the psychic awareness of others; Soul-readers and Slayers included. She is able to see Nature Spirits (same as an Azama/Coraz Spirit can), and can speak to/understand them. Astrals can use the Spirits to help conceal themselves in the wilds; with Tree Spirits offering to camouflage them, or they can even be healed by the River Spirits.

Astral Kats are born with a natural accuracy that affects everything about them. From their balance, to their prowess in battle, the accuracy works to always keep them steady. Astrals are born with areas on their backs that are fused with their skeletal structure, that act as natural mounts for the weapons of their Element. When Astrals are old enough to wield their weapon - always a bow, or a form of a bow - the weapons are given a physical shape that represents their souls. The weapon becomes a part of the Astral - a weapon that only they can use, and they use it expertly.

Her weapon takes the form of a crossbow. It fires arrows made of Aura Essence, and she never runs out of arrows - they appear when summoned, when she's using the crossbow it'll always be armed. Aura Essence causes both physical and Soul Damage. A minor wound from an arrow can deplete the energy of an enemy, while larger or more numerous wounds can cause them untold agony.

She has a few silver daggers she carries with her, in the case where Aura Essence isn't useful.