Name: Yonaguuni
Gender: Male
Element: Reflection
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Mate: Majikioo
Pride: Time's Scar
Powers: Soul-Reading (tied to amulet), Telekinesis, Water Teleportation, Power Reflection/Deflection, Underwater Breathing, Hydromancy.
Notes: Born in the time of Old, when the Shades were just a rising rumour in the world, and the devastation of the Demon War was just beginning to heal. The Great Evil had been stopped, Yinali was revealed as the traitorous Goddess she really was, and life was given a reprieve to breath once again. Only it would not last long, and within a few short months, things became to change once more. Peace became a whimsical memory of the past, and entire Valleys were purged of life overnight. In the course of a few months another war was given rise, and the Shades became a real threat to the world. 

By the time he reached adulthood the First Border had been put into place, and the Inner Dimension was beginning to seek help from the other Dimensions. Alliances would be slow in coming, and the Border was only useful so long as no one crossed over into the newly Shade-claimed Lands. 

Times were changing fast, and in the blink of a five years after their initial arrival, the Shades had begun hunting down and exterminating certain Elements. Hearing rumours that his own Element had caught the unwanted interest of the Shade, Lacerta, he sought to avoid crossing or travelling too near the Border. 

"She doesn't like your kind," a Mage had told him, returning from beyond the Border with gashes and other signs of war upon her body. "I don't know why. Maybe you just upset her with your scales and ability to look like any marine life."

A strange thing to desire someone dead over. Yet if the whispers were to be believed, Lacerta had indeed been hunting down Reflections and witnesses were claiming she was taking the hunt seriously enough. Though why she would desire them dead, he could never guess. As the numbers of his Element began to dwindle, and the Border looked like it might not be as useful a shield as the Angelics were saying it was, he began to look for a solution to his problem. He didn't want to end up dead at the hands of a Shade, and didn't want to run from the Hunt from the rest of his days. 

"Where you going to go to outrun a Shade?" Another Reflection had asked him, as he spoke of his plans to search for a way out.  "They'll find you anywhere you go. Mark my words, there's no place that you can't hide, and in time they'll eventually find us all."

Time. He doesn't know why that one word stuck out as much as it did, but it set root to an idea. Within Thunder Plateau there had been a Time Traveller once, or so the story goes, and he had come back seeking help for the future. Maybe there wouldn't be a way to avoid the hunt in this day and age, but in the future, maybe he wouldn't have to live in fear of some shoddy Border falling and letting a crazy Shade kill him for what he happened to be born as.

He began searching for answers on how could he get into the future, or even the past, sometime when the Hunt wouldn't matter. Time Kats had been the victims of the first Extermination, and he had little hope of finding any of their kind alive anymore. It was purely by chance that his paws took him to the lava-flows of Sacred Valley, where the Demon known as Lezrenden dwelled in the deep caverns of his shrine. 

"They say you're the one that helped the Traveller," he had said upon finding the Demon in the depths of the caves. 

"Which one?" The Time Demon looked upon him with guarded interest, apparently curious as to why any Raveen would seek him out. "I've helped so many."

He told him of the stories, of the Traveller from the future, and how many believed it was through Lezrenden that he had even been able to come so far back in the first place. The Demon did not deny or confirm it, merely asked what it was the Reflection wanted from him.  "A place to live, where the hunt will not be my concern anymore."  Lezrenden had laughed, perhaps privy to something he couldn't know, and had granted the Reflection what he sought.

"Maybe in time, you'll come to see that what they told you is true. You may escape the hunt now, Reflection, but you'll always have to run from it." 

He was tossed forward through the currents of Time, landing in a future where the Border had (indeed) fallen in the days from whence he came, and where his Element was officially considered Extinct. He'd never be allowed to cross over the new Border, but he had bought himself time enough.