Name: Oola
Gender: Female
Parentage: Varesh x Tewyl
Birth Pack: Spirit Sentinels
Path: None Yet
Powers: Soul-reading, Immunity to Toxins & Natural poisons, Graeph Disruption Aura (Claws and teeth can cut/damage anything), Shadow Teleportation, Toxic Blood (blood is blue), Confusion Aura (causes concentration destabilization in others), Thrall Immunity.
Notes: Born to Viral parents, she's inherited the unusual traits that are otherwise not present in pureblood Azama Spirits. The majority of her body is more akin to a Graeph than an Azama, and she's got one false-jaw like her Father does (although hers is present on the other side of her face). She has long-tendrils that grow from the back of her head, and these tendrils seem to unconciously move/react depending on her mood.