Name: Tewyl
Gender: Male
Parentage: Viral
Birth Pack: Viral
Mate: Varesh
Pack: Spirit Sentinels
Offspring: Oola
Powers: Soul-Reading, Earthen Revival, Thrall/Morality Manipulation Immunity,  Unreadable Mind, Immunity to toxins/natural poisons, Graeph Disruption Aura (Claws/teeth can cut/damage anything),  Poisonous Bite, Poisonous/Paralyzing spurs on back, Terramancy, Shadow Teleportation.
Notes: In his life of the Before he was a formless energy entity, where the world existed always beyond his reach, something he was only ever able to observe and never interact with. He doesn't have much of a memory of that time, just knows that it existed, and there was a moment when he 'awoke' from that formlessness to what he is now.

As a Viral he took on the traits of a Graeph and Azama when he took on a physical body. His eyes are made of unblinking stone. He has one 'false-jaw' on the right side of his face, long fangs that can inject paralyzing poison, and his tongue/innards/blood is blue and toxic.

He is a former Viral, but would never admit this to others not of his own kind. They would never understand. He was once a Natural Demon, but is now an Azama Spirit.

Virals are always good-natured, as they were created to be formless protectors/observers, and that bleeds over into their physical form. They can move through forests/glades/meadows/any vegetation filled area without making any noise, or being detected by any means. They never lose their balance or footing. They can see Earthen Spirits, and sense the lifeforce of all living plants.