Name: Siyaex
Gender: Male
Parentage: None (Viral)
Birth Tribe: None (Viral)
Mate: Kaethe
Tribe: Numinous Dreams
Offspring: Akiri
Powers: Soul-Reading, Earthen Revival, Thrall/Morality Manipulation Immunity, Blood Manipulation, Instant Healing/Regeneration, Healing Aura (wounds on others will close when he's nearby), Blood Arts (Mastery).
Notes: His body is made entirely of solidified blood. He's got a small pair of wings behind his ears, and some markings on his body that look like paint but are actually discoloured blood areas on his body. He can heal from any physical damages, the blood healing up wounds as fast as they're gained.

He was created as a natural master of the Blood Arts. Able to sense the blood of all those around him, as well as manipulate the properties of blood to any degree he so desires. As a Viral he's curiously immune to the corruptible nature of the Blood Arts, and is unlikely to use the Blood Arts to cause harm to others or to pursue power beyond his means.