Name: Asuna
Gender: Female
Element: Robotic
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Mate: Kuuthera
Pride: Resonant Voltage
Notes: A Robotic cub who is of the belief that full organics are inferior to those with robotic enhancements. Robotics are able to upgrade themselves with implants, changing their powers/abilities as they grow depending on the implants they acquire, whereas organics are stuck with limitations. Right now she doesn't have any upgraded materials within her, but the metal plates and wires she does possess can be quite harmful to others. If the wires are struck/cut they release a wave of electricity that can paralyze all those in the vicinity at the time; however, when the wires are cut through, it will cause her to lose consciousness, and an energy field will cover her form until the wires reattach/repair themselves; this can take anywhere from a few minutes, to a few hours, depending if there's other damage to her circuits.


Upon reaching adulthood Asuna made some adjustments to her robotic parts. The metal itself is now silver instead of steel; more useful in this time considering current threats. She's replaced the faceplate on the right side of her face, inserting two "eyes" instead of the single one she had before. They see in different frequencies, to allow for heat-vision and normal vision to be possible. The eyes, and status screens, all glow red and flicker when energy levels are low/threatened (only happens when she's physically harmed). There are a few rusted cog-wheels that actually control the energy fluctuations of the visible wires. When moved the wheels can cause the wires to overload, unleashing a paralyzing wave of energy to those around Asuna. Or they can turn down the energy, and stop the wires from glowing.

Recharge: A wave of dark red mist which can fully heal the user. If the mist touches another it will shock them and instantly paralyze them for an hour.
Stasis: Renders the target lifeless for up to 2hrs.