Name: Kuuthera
Gender: Male
Element: Prophecy
Dimension: Wish
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Mate: Asuna
Pride: Resonant Voltage
Powers: Mage-reading, Infinite Telekinesis, Aura Vision, True Sight (can see through illusions/lies), Dream Seer, Prophetic Visions, Time Reversal Seal.
Notes: Like any Prophecy Kat, when he looks upon an individual he does not just see the Aura as it is, but as it has Been, Is, and Will Be. He sees everything that an individual has been, and what their future alignments will be. When he dreams he sees visions of the past, present, and futures yet to be. Because a Prophecy Kat can see so much, they often spend the entirety of their cubhood training around adults of their Elements so that they will not be consumed by the Visions that follow them. For even when awake, a Prophecy Kat will sees 'ghost visions' of events that have happened in an area. It takes a clear and focused mind to be able to see what is happening in the present moment, instead of losing one's self to the past.

Prophecy Kats are incredibly hard to cause harm to, as they can see an attack before it happens, and avoid it. He is able to invoke a Time Seal, which appears on the ground surrounding him in a veil of glowing white light, which causes time to reverse itself on him; removing/healing wounds he may have received. However this is something that only effects him - or something bonded to him - and any others that enter the Seal will find themselves losing bits of their memories/life to the Seal.

Like all of his Element, when the moon or sunlight hits him, his shadow will show a fourth tail. His shadow will also be slightly warped, showing a more sinister look in his reflection than what he truly is. This is something that taints all of his Element, as Prophecy Kats are said to carry a curse within them from a time when their Element was first ascended to. It is said to be a dark creature of the Seer Worlds, a demonic being that has followed those of the Prophecy Element around since the days the Element was first created. However Prophecy Kats themselves know that these shadows are actually the reflections of their Shadow Forms; the darkness of their powers personified.

Many whom do not understand what the first Prophecy Ancestors uncovered fear that one day, these shadows will find a way into being, and will bring great suffering with them. But this is only a rumour, and Prophecy Kats know better than to fear their own shadows.

He was born in The Valleys, to two parents whom were actually Judicators that worked within the Teczra District. He grew up around Robotic Kats who were always seeking to create and expand upon technology, and it's from being near them that he gained some knowledge of technology and was able to create devices for himself. He's very gifted with figuring out how things work, and carries around with him a device that holds clogs and wires within it, which is capable of actually stopping time momentarily when it's put into use. It only freezes time up to a minute right now, but in time, he could probably figure out a way to advance it further. Or to turn it into something else. The possibilities are endless...