Name: Baalab
Gender: Male
Element: Effigy
Dimension: Demon/Wish
Parentage: Phon x Nazuri
Birth Pride: Tricksters
Powers: Mage-reading, True Sight, Teleportation, Curse Immunity, Immune to Thralls/Hypnotism, Wingless Flight, Creation Flames (rainbow-hued, flames turn into "living" things for a time), Morality Manipulation, Teleportation, Spirit Weapon Creation, Shadow-Shift (can meld into shadows), Unreadable Mind.
Notes: Effigy is a cross-Dimensional Element that only results from an Imp and Idol pairing. Effigy Kats are born with traits from both Elements, but are distinguishable by their set of four wings that have the primary set growing backwards and the secondary set being smaller. Their wings are primarily for show. They have rainbow flames that flow from their spaded tails, always burning, and never fading.

His skull/face is made of onyx stone, with the gem in the center being his eye into the world. He can see Everything around him, whether it's hidden or in plain view. Like an Idol, it is impossible to trick or lie to an Effigy Kat, and it's impossible to deceive him. He's always know when someone is trying to mislead or outright lie to him.

He's inherited twin-tails, with the spaded tip of his tail being split in two among them.

To those who can see Auras, his will appear as a strange fluttering of all colours - never settling into just one colour or state.