Name: Phon
Gender: Female
Element: Idol
Dimension: Wish
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Mate: Nazuri
Pride: Tricksters
Offspring: Baalab
Powers: Mage-reading, Unreadable Mind, True Sight (Can see through illusions/lies), Aura Sight, Teleportation, Smoke Form (Body turns into coloured smoke, with noting but the head retaining it's former form), Curse Immunity, Wish Casting (Can grant up to two wishes per being; but cannot grant permanent immortality, or give the power of the Gods), Wingless Flight, Phasing, Soul Control (Can strip powers/abilities/freeze an individual/puppet an individual), Infinite Telekinesis, Elemental Control (cannot create, only manipulate), Shape-Shifting (form takes on the colour/material of the head, restricted to dwarf-size).
Notes: An Idol Kat's power is dependant on the amount of 'faith' individuals have for it's Element. As long as someone believes in the existence and power of an Idol, an Idol Kat will not run out of energies; but if that faith is dwindling, their power levels will drop and the Idol will have to struggle to use any of its power. If someone were to wipe the memory of an Idol Kat from someone who has seen one, that would cause the Idol they had seen to suffer a sudden, inexplicable, drop in power and lean dangerously close to turning back to stone.

The head of this Idol Kat is carved out of onyx. The single 'gem' upon the forehead acts something like an eye, allowing the Idol to see Everything around themselves, be it hidden or in plain sight. It is impossible to lie or deceive an Idol Kat, as Doviuun has created them to be immune to trickery. Idol Kats have a strange, glowing, pulsating blue-white Aura around them that's only visible to those who can see Auras.