Name: Desaccord
Gender: Female
Element: Tide
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Mate: Nctolhu
Pride: Deep Ones
Offspring: Tangaroa
Notes: She has a small build, and perfect nightvision. She's been in a few fights, as evident by the scars marking her fur. Her scars came from several attackers, so it would be impossible to put the blame for them all on just one Kat. Some of them came from the Dishonored in the South, others came from Dark Kats down in that area. She's died once at the paws of a rather demonic-looking Dishonored in the South, but thanks to a Heaven she was brought back. She holds no scars from that encounter however. She was born in the South, but managed to leave before the demon attacks even began there.

Water Paw: The user's paws turn water. The water is actually acid and can burn through even metal. 
Current: Can call forth a tsunami to blast the target away. 
Phase: Can walk through anything by turning itself into water. The water is acid, will burn anything it touches.