Name: Tangaroa
Gender: Male
Element: Unknown (Tide/Merkanlos Hybrid)
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Nctolhu x Desaccord
Birth Pride: Deep Ones
Mate: Uiara
Pride: Vorticity Gradient
Powers: Being part Merkanlos, Tangaroa is able to breath both above and below water, and can swim at speeds that normal Raveens wouldn't be able to achieve. He is able to turn himself invisible when submerged in the water, but it only lasts for as long as he doesn't physically move. While he carries the glowing marks of High Magics, he hasn't yet learned what his individual spell is yet.

Born under the Eclipse, he is a Whisper of Rekura with an Elemental Manifestation. This shows up in the form of his fins being made of water, his tail-fin being water, and his forearms being made of the see-through blue forms of illuminscent deep-sea organisms. These forelegs are also something like the flesh of a jellyfish, as they can cause paralysis/shock those he touches. He is also fully hydrokinetic, but this power is rather sloppy right now.

Like all WoRs born under the last Eclipse, his Elemental Manifestation also comes equipped with a weakness. As his fins are made entirely of water they can evaporate in areas of intense heat or under the assault of fire, or be frozen by the extreme cold. And his forelegs, always a conductor of electrical shocks to others, can go haywire and end up shocking him when his emotions run high - rendering him paralyzed instead of others. When his fins have been burned away or frozen the only way to undo the damage is to have him enter a body of water, or have a powerful healing spell cast upon him.


Among the first of the recent group of Whispers to grow, yet even with his reaching adulthood nothing more is known about the past he was forced to forget. Just flickering nightmares about a place that no one should ever go, especially if they had a choice. His IriKan still lies dormant, locked away by something that was also forgotten in his cubhood. There is a faintly visible violet glow to his eyes now.

With adulthood there are a few changes that have occured with his Elemental Manifestations. The fins and tentacles made of water now seem to evaporate in the air quickly, especially in areas where water isn't found in abundance. The only thing that seems to keep his watery areas from completely evaporating is being near a source of water, where he can bend the water using his hydrokinesis to replenish the areas. But this is only a minor fix, and the evaporation starts again almost immediately.

His forelegs have become more dangerous with age. Their electric, paralyzing, shock packing more of a punch than before. Electricity even seems to flicker and leap off his forelimbs, and it can still shock him into paralysis without warning. There is no control to any of his Elemental Mutations.

IriKan Info
Type: Halfling
Appearance: Unknown
Powers: Unknown