Name: Duuzala
Gender: Male
Element: Life
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Kuursor x Lilethia
Birth Pride: Eternity's Darkness
Mate: Hanali
Pride: Summer Rain
Offspring: Onah-ah
Notes: He can Soul-Read, which means he can read the minds of everyone except Mage-Readers and those higher than that. It also means he can mindspeak. Both of this Raveen's eyes are an electric blue which glow in the dark. He has perfect nightvision. His wings are fully flight-capable.

This Raveen was born in to the Pride of Eternity's Darkness, a Pride found in the East of Orcle's Isle. This Pride is perhaps the only Pride which has Life Elementals and Death Elementals living together. Now this Raveen was born from the second pair, Kuursor and Lilethia. He got his wings from his father, Kuursor, and his black facial markings from his mother Lilethia. Do note that the black markings around both eyes are not Shadow-Markings, but are rather a variation on the Shadow-Mark as this Raveen's mother is one of the Shadow-Marked. This means that he may, or may not, share the fate of the Shadow-Marked. Only time will tell.

The scars this Raveen holds were received back when he was a cub, from a run-in with a Lower Level Demon. He had run away from his birth Pride, wanting like any curious cub to explore the Demon Territory nearby. He was always told to stay away from there, but that only made him want to explore it more. When he finally reached the Demon Territory, a small section in the Valley he was born, the cub was attacked and nearly killed. It was only because he had wings that he was able to survive the encounter. Now he bares the scars as a reminder of his cubish arrogance, as a vow never to be so blind ever again.

When the Upper Level Demons began to move in to the East, this Raveen had already left for the territory of Thunder Valley. He had heard rumors of there being a threat of a Demon attack there, and left in hopes of regaining the confidence in his strength.

Flier Class Slayer, Rank 3

First Level Magics

Doriu ~ A spell which causes a haze of darkness to descend upon an area, completely throwing the senses of an enemy into disarray as the land rumbles and melds with shadows. It makes it impossible for an enemy to tell darkness and real threats apart.

Ghatha ~ This spell allows for the Flier to see the area in a birds eyeview, even when grounded, allowing for the Flier to see all threats and obstacles that may be in the areas ahead.

Alkna ~ A spell which causes energy to build upon a Flier's forepaws, adding silver and spirit-essence damage to any weaponry the Flier possesses, as well as claw-damage.

Wind Walk ~ Allows for the Flier to become one with the wind and air currents, thus making them invulnerable to physical harm.

Airaklso ~ The nearby air currents react wildly in response to the activation of this skill. Areas of wind become silver-edge blades, seeking to cut through and disable/kill all nearby enemies - any enemies that are airbourne are instantly rendered defenseless or dead.

Taklsu ~ Stops an enemy from being able to track the Flier; causing any tracking magics or senses to be unable to pick up the Flier's trail. Causes the Flier's mind to be unreadable for as long as the spell is active, and hides it's aura from view.

Second-Level Magics

Phalan'No ~ Causes the Flier's own sensory system to increase in reaction and concentration. Allows for the Flier to move more swiftly through the air, molding air currents and raw magics to seemingly create echoes of it's movements as reflections of the Flier appear in the air at such a large number it seems an entire army is about to attack. The Flier can actively move about this clone-cover without being detected, and launch the end skill of this attack which causes all reflections to converge upon an area and explode in a fiery mess of cold damage that freezes the area, and all within in. Must not be used near allies, as the end result will affect them as well.

Travskt ~ Allows for the Flier to set up a perimeter aura that traps all enemies within it's boundaries. It works much like the Border, except it's much less powerful and cannot contain more than four Shade Warriors at one time.

Jyvata-Nu ~ Instantly knocks all airborne enemies from the air, sending them plummeting back to the ground where the force of gravity awaits to crush them completely. Once they're grounded, they'll be disoriented for a few short moments. Enough time to attack and finish the job, or get out of the area.

Ultimate Magics


Life Wave: A wave of black mist which can either give life back to something that is dead, or make something living fall unconscious for 1hr.
Spirit Wheel: A spiralling wave of fire, ice, rocks and the same black mist which is in life wave.
Return: It is the exact opposite of the Death ability Drain. It gives energy/life back to the target and can even heal non-fatal wounds.

Mimic Name: Hoke
Gender: Male
Element: Magic
Ability: Can teleport.
Notes: He has a mane of all the way down to his tail-fin, minor mutation.