Name: Onah-ah
Gender: Female
Element: Mix (Life/Innocence)
Dimension: Inner
Eclipse: Reavia'et
Parentage: Hanali x Duuzala
Birth Pride: Summer Rain
Offspring: Narr-ku, Ekho-kho, Dte-ost, Keht-Eyn
Hive-Specific Powers: Stabilized Mutation, Immunity to damage from other Reavia'et WoR's mutations, Immunity to climate, Immunity to mind control/thralls/manipulations. Hive Mind (telepathic link to all other WoRs from Reavia'et), Shared Memories/Knowledge, Hive Mind works to share pain/knowledge of injuries among the Hive Mind so that those linked with it are always aware of the conditions of other Hive members. Can communicate with and find members of the Hive at all times. Immunity to soul-ripping/instant-kill abilities/powers. If parasite is harmed, the pain is both blinding and paralyzing for the WoR.
Powers: Soul-reading, Empathy (can sense/alter emotions, although she doesn't understand their uses yet), Teleportation, Energy Drain, Healing Touch (can heal wounds to the flesh), Light Manipulation/creation, Purifying Voice, Invulnerable to Phyiscal Harm (except for parasite).
Notes: Having been a part of the Hive Mind for as long as she can recall, Onah-an has never known existence as anything more than one voice among the many. As one 'detachment' of the greater hive network. Everyone has a use within the hive, a purpose for being there, and each and every experience is shared amongst them. Individuality was not known by anyone on Reavia'et, for there was only the hive, and the comfort of belonging in the chorus of voices. Onah-ah had been used as a hunter by the hive, her invulnerable form allowing for her to take down prey creatures that were more than triple her own size. Provided they never attacked the parasite in her back, she could take them down with little resistance by draining their energies.

She can control and create light even in unnatural darkness, and her voice can literally 'purify' those who are corrupted by outside means. She never had a use for this power while on Reavia'et, so it is likely Onah-ah is unfamiliar with a purpose for having it.

Taint, or corruption, can cause her form to take damage, forcing layers of her 'pure form' to be burnt away.

IriKan Info
Type: Halfling
Personification: Locked
Power: Locked