Name: Narr-ku
Gender: Male
Element: Mix (Life/Innocence/Electricity)
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Onah-ah x Wynkaruu
Birth Pride: None
Siblings: Ekho-kho, Dte-ost, Keht-Eyn
Mate: Bandigo
Pride: Coming Storm
Powers: Soul-reading, Empathy, Teleportation (static), Electromancy, Electrical Immunity, Purifying Energy-Whips, Energy Regeneration.
Hive-Specific Powers: Hive Mind, Stabilized Mutation, Climate Immunity, Mind Control/Manipulation/Thrall Immunity, Soul-ripping/Instant-kill powers/ability Immunity, Hive-Mutation Immunity.
Notes: His physical body is a mesh of hardened black flesh and fluctuating, sparking, energies. He can theoretically be wounded on these black flesh areas, but the flesh is as hard - if not harder - than bone. The rest of his body cannot take harm, and those who make contact with his energy body are likely to suffer severe electrocution. If the electrical-energy parts of his body are ever damaged/depleted of energy, he can regenerate what he's lost. He has the power to create whips of energy that upon contact with a target will purify them; killing those of evil/corrupted natures, while seriously burning those of other natures.

As a youngling his Empathy only allows for him to sense the emotions of others, and not alter them. The symbiotic parasite in his back is similar to the one his Mother has, and like parasites, if it's wounded its bonded will feel immense, paralyzing, pain. So it's important to make sure the parasite is protected.

He is a part of the Hive Mind that the WoRs of Reavia'et are. He will always share a mental connection to them, and through this connection, will learn more quickly than other cubs his own age. The Hive Mind can be crippling for a young mind, however, causing shared memories and the feelings of others to sometimes slip through. Of all the minds he's connected to, his Mother's will be the loudest, and easiest, to connect with.


As an adult he now has full mastery of his powers. What he once struggled with as a youngling now comes to him easily, and his Empathy has evolved to allow him to both sense and alter the emotions of those around him.