Name: Jolnuur
Gender: Male
Element: Mix (Cliffdancer/Steam)
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Sandraudiga x Kuula
Birth Pride: Stone Ladder
Mate: Zynhra Doomcry
Pride: First Rule
Powers: Mage-reading, Terramancy, Rock Armour and Healing Rock Scales, Enhanced Strength.
Notes: Like his Mother, he has enhanced physical strength and is able to lift or move upwards of one thousand pounds. He has rocks that grow out of his body, and act like a natural set of armour. The rocks are very sturdy - cracking them is nigh impossible unless the attacker has a strength that surpasses his own. If the rocks are ever damaged they'll crumble off, and slowly new rock will form to take its place.

He has the power of Terramancy, so he can create and manipulate the earth around him. He can also encase his entire body in rock armour, that not only protects him, but fully heals any physical wounds beneath the rock.

The white fur areas on his body were originally black, but as he aged they slowly turned to white - much like what happens with a pure Steam as they mature.