Name: Sandraudiga
Gender: Female
Element: Forest
Clan Affiliation: Cliffdancer
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Mate: Kuula
Pride: Stone Ladder
Offspring: Jolnuur
Powers: Mage-reading, Earth Creation and Manipulation, Rock Healing, Earth Teleportation (can teleport to and from areas that are within her sightline), Enhanced Strength, Rock Armour, Tough Skin.
Notes: Born under the Eclipse, and taken to a world known as Korakua, she grew up in a world where Raveens were a myth of the past. After the Element exchange took place she was taken in by the Cliffdancer Clan, and raised among them. Gaining their acceptance was a long road, once often met with visible disregard as she was of a smaller stature than the Zethns of the Clan. There was no way she could be as strong or agile as them, or so they thought when she first came to them as a runt of a cub.

She spent her younger years trailing after her elders, watching them fight and bicker amongst themselves over who was the strongest. For the Cliffdancer way was strength, and not much else matter in their eyes. They looked after her, but treated her like a novelty.

It was when she came into her adulthood that she started to earn their acceptance among them. Proving herself strong, through her own enhanced strength, by being able to lift objects three times her own size with relative ease. By then the sharp rocks on her body had also grown out more, creating sharp armour upon her back, and she became a brawler of a hunter in no time.

The rocks that make up her armour are part of the leftover Elemental Mutation that wasn't quite done away with completely. She can alter their properties to make them sharper, denser, or turn them into any earthen-based material (Including diamonds and metals). If any of the spikes break or crack she can regrow them, and if she's ever wounded she can heal herself by coating her body in a thin layer of rock. 

Name: Petrichor
Gender: Male
Notes: Immune to all forms of magic. Has a bite that petrifies those that suffer it, turning them into stone for up to an hour. Whenever his Soulbonded is feeling distressed or threatened his body gains what would appear to be an Elemental Mutation-response; with roots and rocks spreading over his body in a would-be armour, creating a deadly offensive barrier between itself and danger. But it's uncontrolled, and fades away quickly.