Name: Luina
Gender: Female
Element: Unknown (Heaven/Bameizu Hybrid)
Dimension: Inner
Parents: Litchi x Ruuith
Birth Pride: Sacred Sigils
Powers: Soul-reading, Empathy (can sense emotions), Healing Feathers (wings), Gifted (Water). Calming Aura & Charm Chime (sound instantly calms those nearby).
Notes: Born during the time when the Winds of Nascence were rushing through the leylines of the world, she was born a Gifted. She was blessed by the excess magic of Water, and has a natural talent to call uponhydromancy/hydrokinesis at will. Since Gifteds can fall to the dangers of their own gift, they're taken by Nameless Ones to be trained at a young age. They grow up away from their family, and often grow up to view the other Gifteds they train with as their adoptive family during their training.

It's traditional for a Nameless One to never reveal their names to those they train. They arrive to collect the Gifted, and embark off to a territory of their choosing to raise and train the young cubs. The Nameless One who took her and the Gifteds of her year never gave his name away. He was a friendly teacher; calm, even-tempered. Never yelled or got angry at the Gifteds when mistakes were made.

He taught them how to use their magics - to be masters of the element that chose them - and taught them some basic fighting styles. Enough to survive, but not enough to be on par with Slayers or others who seek to constantly improve their physical skills.

Gifteds are taught to use their magics to work towards peace, and to help keep the peace between others. It's in their teachings to help resolve conflict and not to start it.

Like all Gifted she has a Charm Chime. Hers is made of wood, and hangs from her left ear. It can only be used by Gifted, and will give off a soothing chime whenever it moves.

The claws on her front paws are Spirit Essence, and have the ability to cause soul damage to those she hurts with them. As she is a Gifted, it's likely she'll do her best to avoid using them against others - as soul damage is permanent, and cannot be undone. Her wings are made of light energy that can heal minor damage in others with just a touch. While her wings are small, like a pure Bameizu she can grow her wings out to fully-flight capable size when necessary. When she's not in flight, they'll always be more compact.