Name: Ruuith
Gender: Male
Element: Heaven
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Mate: Litchi
Pride: Sacred Sigils
Offspring: Luina
Powers: Soul-reading, Empathy, Corruption Immunity (Mental or Physical), Healing Touch (Wings), Energy Restoration (Wings), True Sight (Can see through illusions).
Notes: Marked by the Neutral at a young age, he's had the grey marks around his eyes and chest ever since the day Emari crossed his path. Unlike the Great Evil, the Neutral is an embodiment of both good and evil, and shifts back and forth on the spectrum of morality. Often times those who cross her when she's in a foul mood wind up with Shadow-Marks, but those who catch her when she's at her truest receive the Mark of Will. This gives them immunity to Corruption in all forms, preserving them from being corrupted mentally or physically by others, as well as marking them as permanently neutral on their own morality scale. No matter what choices he makes - or does not make - his Aura will always shine as a neutral grey hue.

As a Heaven his wings are made of energies capable of healing others with their touch, or restoring their energy with a touch. The wings, while being energy-based, are fully-flight capable.