Name: Siuume
Gender: Male
Element: Mix (Magic/Glow/Dream/Shadowcurse)
Dimension: Inner/Abyss
Parentage: Thessia x Orabiluus
Birth Pride: Transcendental Synergy
Powers: Teleportation, Light Manipulation/Control, True Sight, Wingless Flight, Infinite Telekinesis, Aura Vision, Dream Seer (Uncontrolled).
Notes: He has only one memory of a time when his world wasn't filled with silence - a moment that he remembers only in dreams now. A shadow apparition flooding his view, and one cruel, cackling laugh that ended up being the only sound he'll ever hear. Since being born the world has been without sound. He has never heard the sound of his parents' voices, never known what sounds the birds make.

He's deaf. Completely, irreparable, deaf. It extends to his mentalscape as well - causing telepathic words to be just as silent as spoken ones (he can't read minds, nor can he hear/understand telepathy speak). He exists in a world of total silence.

It's a curse in his blood, passed down by his Grandfather and ignited in the moment of his birth. It shows visibly on his body, with tears of blood that sometimes fall from his eyes, and the blood that continiously drips from the feathers on his back. Those who can see Auras will see a shadowy-spectre of claws cutting through his Aura - a permanent mark of the wound.

Because he can't hear, and has never been able to, it's likely he probably doesn't speak and communicates in silence.

He has two floating pieces of hardened magic around his head, and two bits that are attached to his tail. He can't capture spells like his Mother can, but he can use the magic to warn him when magic is being used against him - or for something simpler, like causing them to light up when someone is trying to get his attention.

He doesn't have wings, but is capable of wingless flight.