Name: Thessia
Gender: Female
Element: Mix (Magic/Glow)
Dimension: Inner
Eclipse: The Survey
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Mate: Orabiluus
Pride: Transcendental Synergy
Offspring: Siuume
Powers: Mage-reading, Teleportation, Light Manipulation/Control, Fire and Heat Immunity, True Sight, Charged Aura, Spell Capture, Wingless Flight, Regeneration/Reconstruction, Magic Immunity.
Notes: Born under an Eclipse, she has an Elemental Mutation that adapted to fit in with the Charged Atmosphere of "The Survey". Her Mutation was changed to become more visibly different than what it was, and has left her paws appearing near-transparent and almost holographic. She can't actually feel what her paws do, instead her sense of touch from them is roughly translated, so she can't always feel whether something she touches is hot or cold, or soft or hard. This also means she can't feel pain in her paws, but this is also because her paws cannot be harmed or damaged by anything.

The rest of her mutation comes in the form of hardened magical essence that appears almost armour-like on her body. This "armour" is a part of her, and the pieces around her face float a couple inches off her. This magical essence acts a storage for magic, and allows for her to Spell Capture - to copy and save the powers/abilities that others around her use. This gives her a limitless pool of power possibilities.

While the energy tendrils on her back may be confused for wings, they're actually not. They're constantly moving and fluctuating, even glowing, but she has no conscious control over their movement. When she's attacked or in danger they become a defensive barrier, and can cause paralysis/energy drain to anyone that comes into contact with them.

She has a Charged Aura that is always visible, and is what keeps her alive. It provides her with an endless source of power, making it impossible for her to run out of energy unless someone cancels out her Aura (which, so far, has never been possible). Her Aura is black, and rises around/off her with bubble-like energy when she moves. The passive effect of her Aura keeps her from ever needing to eat/drink, but it also negates any power/abilities used against her that go against her nature -- so powers/abilities that aren't magic based will be negated by her Aura.

While she has no tech from "The Survey", she retains the knowledge of how to recreate it and use it. Her specialty lies more in creating magic-based technology, and the fusion of cybernetics/plants is something she likely wants to outdo with her own experiments.


IriKan Info
Alignment: Neutral
Designation: Dynamic
Notes: Acts as a secondary awareness and has a personality separate from the WoR's own. Can only be seen by the WoR it is bonded to, and it's form shifts and changes depending on it's own mood. Cannot interact with the world on it's own, or take on corporeal form.