Name: Xuubalba
Gender: Male
Element: Chaos Mage
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Mate: Magdala
Pride: Hollow Way
Offspring: Damhuun
Powers: Mage-reading, Instant Healing, Teleportation (body breaks apart into shadow remnants), Telekinesis (infinite), Aura Sight, Electrokinesis (purple-black lightning that explodes upon contact), Disaster Aura (can 'inspire' chaos in the world/individuals around him), Empathic (can sense and alter emotions in other - limited to darker emotions), Immunity to Instant Kill powers/abilities, Immunity to psychic abilities/powers.
Notes: Born in The Valleys to parents who were not active Slayers, he grew up along the border where the Valleys meet the Unclaimed Territories, where those of darker intents and purposes are most often found. It was here that he learned to listen and follow the darker side of his own Element, where he was free to tempt disasters by altering the natural auras of the world to cause landslides and destructive forces of nature to collide. As a Chaos Mage he is able to tempt disaster, a simple wave of a paw allowing for dangerous events to transpire. His Element is not known for their empathy towards the welfare of others, and indeed even their own Empathic abilities limit them to only being able to sense and alter the darker emotions in others. 

His body heals so fast, and so thoroughly, that although he has found himself in violent altercations he has never receive a wound that hasn't healed. 

His claws, and teeth, are a glowing orange like all of his Element. And although he has vampire-like fangs, he cannot actually drink blood with them. Chaos Mages are not vampiric, and the fangs themselves are purely evolutionary 'left-overs'.