Name: Banuufre
Gender: Male
Element: Burial
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Ushabti x Cuuzco
Birth Pride: Graves
Siblings: Anput
Mate: Mo'olelo
Pride: Resonant Voltage
Powers: Soul-reading, Teleporation, Soul Devour, Instant Healing & Regeneration, Soul & Spirit Sight.
Notes: As a Burial Kat he has the ability to see spirits of those still tethered to the world after death, and can help souls move on to the afterlife. By devouring a soul he takes away all earthly attachments, and the soul is no longer bound. When a soul is devoured, he takes on the powers of the soul he ate. He's a young Burial Kat, and unlike his parents, has not devoured any souls of note yet.