Name: Cuuzco
Gender: Male
Element: Burial
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Mate: Ushabti
Pride: Graves
Offspring: Banuufre, Anput
Powers: Soul-reading, Teleportation, Soul Devour, Instant Healing/Regeneration, Soul/Spirit Sight, Dream-Walking, Creature Summons, Energy Conduits.
Notes: Burials hold themselves responsible for watching over the dead, and helping souls move on to the afterlife. Their belief is that by devouring a soul they can strip it of all earthly attachments and allow it to move on. When they find a wayward soul that is still lingering long after its death, they devour it. They take on the powers of the soul they eat, and can over time, greatly increase their own potential. 

Over time he has come to devour souls that have given him the power of Dream-Walking, Creature Summons, and the ability to summon Energy Conduits. Dream-Walking is a type of Seer ability which allows an individual to remain fully conscious in their dreams, and enter into the dreams of others. Creature Summons allows for him to summon any type of creature, so long as it is not larger than he himself is. Energy Conduits are a type of net-like power that can be summoned and used to redirect powers (so long as they have a physical manifestation) back at the caster, or to increase the power levels of a power being used to give it more deadly force.