Name: Ushabti
Gender: Female
Element: Burial
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Mate: Cuuzco
Pride: Graves
Offspring: Banuufre, Anput
Powers: Soul-reading, Teleportation, Soul Devour, Instant Healing/Regeneration, Soul/Spirit Sight, Shadow Manipulation, Terramancy, Sand Clones, Hypnotic Thrall.
Notes: Burials hold themselves responsible for watching over the dead, and helping souls move on to the afterlife. Their belief is that by devouring a soul they can strip it of all earthly attachments and allow it to move on. When they find a wayward soul that is still lingering long after its death, they devour it. They take on the powers of the soul they eat, and can over time, greatly increase their own potential. 

She has devoured several souls and gained the power to manipulate the shadows from the soul of a Shadow Kat; Terramancy from devouring the soul of a dead Azama; Sand Clones from a Sand Kat; and Hypnotic Thrall from a dead Vampire. Her Thrall is strong enough to affect anyone who is not immune to hypnotic suggestions. She can create up to four black-sand clones of herself. The wings she has are something she was not born with, but gained upon devouring the soul of an Imperial Krye. The wings are ripped and flightless; nothing more than a physical manifestation of a power her body couldn't adapt to properly.