Name: Lamia
Gender: Female
Element: Insect
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Siblings: Zaima
Mate: Tenbuuro
Pride: Lost Letters
Offspring: Ponuui
Powers: Soul-reading, Twin-Connection, Shadow Teleportation, Light-Induced Healing, Paralyzing Wing Dust, Phasing.
Notes: Lamia is on the right. Fully grown, but just like her twin sister, is a dwarf. The twin-connection allows for ehr to always be in contact mentally with her sister, sense where she is, what kind of state she is in (wounded, healthy), and if she's in danger. Both of them have the ability to heal any of their wounds with light, but have to limit themselves to exposure to light -- too much light and they'll fall into a sleep they may not awake from. During the daylight they have to stick to the shadows, so they tend to move about mainly in the night.

She has the power to paralyze any who come into contact with her wings, as there's a light covering of paralyzing dust upon them which will instantly paralyze upon contact. She can also phase her body out of corporeal form, temporarily, allowing her to phase through objects or avoid damage.