Name: Tenbuuro
Gender: Male
Element: Amber
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Mate: Lamia
Pride: Lost Letters
Offspring: Ponuui
Powers: Mage-reading, Amber Creation/Manipulation, Amber Barriers.
Notes: Fully grown, but with a gene that makes him smaller in size. He's never been bothered by his short stature, and instead found his smaller height to be to his advantage. Ever since he was a small cub he's always had a interest in insects, especially in hunting them and catching them. He was given glass jars that were gifted with magic to keep anything put inside them alive.

That was probably meant to keep herbs alive. Instead, he's been using the jars to keep insects (and sometimes snakes, too) alive. While they're in the jar they don't require food or water, and they don't suffer from starvation. Others might view his little collection hobby as worrisome, but he's never let their opinions sway him. He's keeping the little critters safe.

As an Amber Kat his body is made of hard amber. He doesn't have to worry about claws or teeth, because they can't hurt him. While heights are scary (he's possibly breakable), he isn't a terrible climber. He had to be able to climb to get to some insects, after all.

He can create and manipulate sap; creating barriers made from sap that hardens into hard amber within seconds. He can use this to create barriers around himself and others, or even to cage enemies. Those trapped within the amber-sap will be stuck in stasis until they're removed from the amber.

Amber Kats are born with clear amber bodies that only gain "markings" when they reach adulthood. These "markings" give the illusion of creatures being trapped inside the amber, and are often of creatures that the Amber Kat liked - or creatures that best fit the Amber Kat's personality.

When he reached adulthood, three water beetles appeared in the amber of his body. While they're not real beetles, they will appear real enough - being visible from all angles, and with shadows playing across them as if they were really there.

Amber Kats are Inner Dimensionals, and a sub-element of the Earth family.