Name: Ponuui
Gender: Male
Element: Mix (Insect/Amber)
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Lamia x Tenbuuro
Birth Pride: Lost Letters
Powers: Mage-reading, Amber Creation/Manipulation, Phasing (can shift physical form between corporeal/incorporeal at will), Light-Induced Healing (non-fatal wounds).
Notes: Portions of his body are made from Amber, while the rest is made of regular flesh and fur. The areas that are covered with fur can be wounded, and do bleed.

Unlike his Mother, and her Sister, he isn't at threat of being put too sleep from too much light exposure. Because of this he's free to move about during daylight hours without having to stick to shadows.

The beetles that appeared in his amber wings, and ears, didn't appear until he reached adulthood. They look like they're real - like the insects are really stuck in the amber, but they're illusions.